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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Turkish
Deposit optionsVisa, MasterCard, Discover, Cryptocurrency
Pricing50 tokens for 5,99$, 100 tokens for 10,99$, 200 tokens for 20,99$ (bonus 5%), 400 tokens for 39,99$ (bonus 10%), 550 tokens for 49,99$ (bonus21%)

FaceBuzz is an online platform that provides users with a variety of live sex cams. 

With its easy-to-use interface, FaceBuzz makes it simple to find the perfect camgirl or guy for you. From solo shows to group performances, FaceBuzz has something for everyone. 

The site also features numerous chat rooms where members can interact with each other in real-time. With its extensive selection of models and top-notch customer service, FaceBuzz is quickly becoming one of the most popular adult websites on the web today. 

Whether you are looking for some naughty fun or just want to explore new possibilities, FaceBuzz has what you need!


  • Wide selection of models from around the world
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Variety of interactive features 


  • No free trial
  • Pricing structure is a bit expensive
  • A limited selection of models

Signing up at FaceBuzz.com

All users are required to provide an email address, username, password, and birthdate in order to create their accounts. 

Once the information has been provided, they will receive an activation link via email that needs to be clicked before accessing the site’s features.

After signing up, users can begin exploring all of FaceBuzz’s offerings such as live sex cams with various performers from around the world. 

With its simple signup process and wide range of content available onsite, FaceBuzz provides a convenient way for individuals looking for adult entertainment online to find what they desire quickly and easily without having any trouble navigating through complicated menus or forms.

Models at FaceBuzz.com

Female Models

The majority of FaceBuzz’s female models come from Europe and North America, with a few scattered throughout Asia as well.

Most have excellent English-speaking skills and offer various levels of private shows for their viewers. You can expect to find anything from solo masturbation performances to girl-on-girl action on the site. 

The quality of these performances varies depending on the model but overall they are quite good, with many offering HD streaming which adds to the viewing experience.

Male Models

FaceBuzz also offers male models in addition to its selection of females. These performers range from young twinks who enjoy showing off their bodies to mature hunks who know how to please their audience with sensual acts such as oil wrestling or striptease shows. 

As with female models, you can expect high video quality when watching male performers on FaceBuzz due to its stringent standards for streaming quality control across all categories available on its platform.

Couples Models

In addition to individual male and female performers, couples are also featured prominently on FaceBuzz’s roster – making it one of the best places online for couples’ camming experiences! 

On any given day you can find dozens upon dozens of real-life couples that range in age from 18+ up into their late 30s or early 40s engaging in intimate sexual activities together while being broadcasted live directly onto your screen!

With so many different options available it’s easy enough for anyone looking for something special or specific out there – no matter what time zone they may be located in!

Trans Models

For those interested in trans content, Facebuzz has some great options too! 

Their selection includes both pre-op (born male) and post-op (born female) transgender individuals who perform everything ranging from solo masturbation sessions right through group orgies – whatever tickles your fancy really! 

All streams give viewers crystal clear visuals that make them feel like they’re actually there themselves – truly an immersive experience unlike any other out there today!

FaceBuzz Chat Features

Private Chat

One of the most popular features of FaceBuzz is its private chat feature. This allows two people to chat privately and securely with each other without anyone else being able to see or hear what they are discussing. 

This makes it ideal for those who want to have intimate conversations without worrying about others listening in or seeing what is going on. 

It also ensures that all information shared between two people remains confidential and secure, making it perfect for those who value their privacy when engaging in online conversations.

Virtual Gifts

Another popular feature on FaceBuzz is the ability to send virtual gifts to other members or performers. These come in a variety of forms including digital cards, videos, pictures, and more. 

Users can also purchase physical items such as t-shirts or mugs through the website’s gift shop section if they wish to give something tangible as well as virtual gifts.  


There’s the Cam2Cam feature which enables two-way video communication between two individuals using webcams connected via Facebuzz’s servers. 

This provides an even more immersive experience than just text-based chats alone as participants can actually see each other during conversation. 

The added level of visual interaction helps create stronger bonds between members, furthering relationships built over time.

Streaming Quality at FaceBuzz.com

Source provides quality streaming services for both audio and video, allowing users to access clear visuals and sound.

Audio Quality

FaceBuzz uses high-quality audio streams, providing clear sounds at every performance. 

The sound remains consistent throughout the stream, ensuring that conversations remain uninterrupted by technical issues.

This makes it easy for viewers to stay engaged with what’s going on without any interference or lag in sound quality.

Video Quality

FaceBuzz offers four different levels of video resolution – 240p, 480p, 720HD, and 1080HD.

Users can choose the best option depending on their device capabilities or connection speed. All resolutions provide smooth playback without buffering or stuttering issues. 

The highest resolution also allows viewers to enjoy all the details of each show in stunning clarity.

Pricing at FaceBuzz.com

FaceBuzz is an online platform where users can interact with live sex cam models. It offers a variety of payment options for its services, ranging from 5,99$ for 50 tokens to 49,99$ for 550 tokens. 

Each package has a bonus percentage associated with it; the more significant the purchase, the higher the bonus percentage will be.

For example, buying 200 tokens will give you 20,99$, plus a 5% bonus, purchasing 400 tokens gives you 39,99$, plus 10%, and buying 550 tokens results in 49,99$, plus 21%. 

FaceBuzz provides users with different ways to enjoy their experience on this site while also giving them access to exclusive content and discounts. 

Whether it’s spending time chatting or watching videos of your favorite model or taking advantage of discounted token packages – FaceBuzz has something for everyone.

Deposit Options at FaceBuzz.com

Deposit Options at FaceBuzz are a convenient way for users to add funds to their accounts.

They offer many different options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and cryptocurrency. 

This allows customers to choose the option that best suits their needs. With all of these choices available, it is easy for customers to find one that works with their budget and lifestyle.

All payments are secure and protected by advanced encryption technology so customers can rest assured that their information is safe at all times. 

The customer service team is always on hand if there are any questions or issues related to deposits at FaceBuzz.com.

FaceBuzz.com user experience


FaceBuzz offers users a great desktop experience. The website is easy to navigate and displays live sex cams in high-quality resolution, allowing for better viewing pleasure. 

The user interface of the site is uncluttered and intuitive, making it simple to browse through models and categories quickly. 

FaceBuzz provides many filters for sorting cams by region, age range, or kinks – ensuring that all viewers can find something that appeals to them.


The mobile version of FaceBuzz.com features an even more optimized user experience than its desktop counterpart.

It runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices; with no lag or stuttering while navigating pages or streaming videos. The mobile version’s design has been specifically tailored to fit smartphone screens without hindering usability. 

This allows users to comfortably scroll through performers from wherever they are – providing maximum convenience when enjoying adult entertainment online.

Customer Support at FaceBuzz

FaceBuzz.com provides customers with a safe and secure environment to engage in real-time conversations with other users from around the world. FaceBuzz offers customer support through its online support system and email assistance. 

Customers can get help on any issue they may have including technical difficulties, account issues, privacy concerns, payment methods, and more. 

The customer service team at FaceBuzz.com strives to provide quick resolution of any queries or questions that customers may have regarding their usage of the website. 

They aim to make sure that all users experience a pleasant time while using their service as well as providing them with quality assistance when needed. 

With FaceBuzz’s commitment to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured knowing that your needs will be met whenever you require it most.

FaceBuzz.com Privacy and Security 

The website takes the privacy and security of its users seriously, offering several layers of protection against unwanted intrusions. 

All communication between members on FaceBuzz is encrypted using SSL technology, ensuring all data transmitted over the network remains private and secure. 

User accounts are protected by two-factor authentication which requires both a username/password combination as well as a unique code sent via email or text message before access can be granted.

FaceBuzz has implemented strict anti-spam measures to protect its members from unsolicited messages or advertisements in their inboxes. 

Service provides a safe environment where individuals can engage in meaningful conversation without fear of intrusion from third parties.

FaceBuzz.com Verdict 

FaceBuzz is an online platform that provides users with a variety of live sex cams and interactive features. 

It offers an easy-to-use interface to allow individuals to find the perfect camgirl or guy for them as well as numerous chat rooms where members can interact in real-time. 

The site has a wide range of female, male, and trans models available, each varying in age and ethnicity to suit the different needs of its customers. 

FaceBuzz.com also offers virtual gifts, private chats, and Cam2Cam interactions for those looking for more immersive adult experiences. 

With its secure payment options, top-notch streaming quality, and customer service support team always on hand – FaceBuzz.com is quickly becoming one of the most popular adult websites out there today.


Is FaceBuzz Safe?

FaceBuzz is a safe platform for users to interact with each other. The site has multiple security measures in place to ensure the safety of its users and their personal information.

Is FaceBuzz a Scam?

FaceBuzz is not a scam. It is a live sex cam service that allows people to connect with one another in real time via video chat. 

The website takes steps to protect its users from scams or malicious activities by verifying accounts and monitoring user activity on the site.

How to Go Live on FaceBuzz?

To go live on FaceBuzz, you will first need to create an account and log into your profile page. 

Once logged in, click on the “Go Live” button located at the top of your screen and follow all instructions provided by the system before starting your broadcast session.

Can I Use FaceBuzz.com for Free?

You can use most features of Facbeuzz for free including creating an account, making connections with other users through video calls or text messages, sending virtual gifts, etc.

However, some premium features such as access to exclusive content may require payment of subscription fees or purchase credits using real money currency.

How do I report offensive users and content to FaceBuzz.com admins?

To report offensive users or content to the Facebuzz admins, please visit our website and use the ‘Report Abuse’ link located in the footer of each page.

Are there any hidden charges associated with the use of this platform?

There are no hidden charges associated with using this platform. 

Can I delete my account anytime from the platform if required?

You can delete your account anytime from the platform if required and there are no penalties for doing so. 

Is the user data and activity on FaceBuzz protected?

Yes, user data and activity on FaceBuzz are protected. All user data and activity is encrypted and stored securely to ensure that it is not accessible to unauthorized persons.

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